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Some fantastic Memorial Day getaway ideas in New York City and Washington DC

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Memorial Day for many signifies the real changeover from spring to summer, and is a day that many of us look forward to each and every year. There are all kinds of cookouts, barbecues, events and attractions to be enjoyed all over the United States – and probably many of them in your local area. But if you’re looking to do something new and exciting to really bring in many people’s very favorite season, we’ve put together a handful of Memorial Day getaway ideas in both New York City and Washington DC

New York City Memorial Day travel ideas

If you’re thinking about hitting the city for Memorial Day, you’re certainly not going to be alone. Each and every single year the city comes alive for Memorial Day, with many of the otherwise pent-up urbanites pouring into places like Central Park and downtown to enjoy the kickoff of summer.

But if you are really looking for a world class experience, there is nothing quite like heading into Manhattan, spending the day doing a bit of shopping, shooting over to times square and people watching, and then finishing everything off with a picnic and some rides at Coney Island and Luna Park followed by Broadway shows. This is probably the very best way to get the most out of your Memorial Day vacation while at the same time giving you a true taste of the city in ways that you’ve probably never experienced before.

Washington DC Memorial Day travel ideas

There might not be a better city to enjoy Memorial Day in than the nation’s capital. Washington DC has a wealth of historical monuments, treasures, and interesting sites to behold – but you’d be more than a little bit foolish not to take a walk along the National Mall and enjoy all of the cherry trees that line the Potomac.

You should also try to look into the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns as well as the National Memorial Day Concert on the West lawn of the US Capital. You’ll find that there is no shortage of venues to stay in offering world-class amenities right inside the city, giving you a chance to really enjoy DC in its full glory during Memorial Day.

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