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You’ve no doubt heard of fast food, but now you can enjoy fast drinks – we’re talking 50 miles an hour fast

New York City Taxis New York City Taxis Photo by Mariordo/Wikimedia

People taking cabs all over the United States are going to be experiencing something pretty new and wildly innovative in the next few years – integrated vending machines that provide incredibly cheap ice cold beverages (to start with) that they can order with their credit cards directly from the backseat.

More and more taxis are being outfitted with this incredible technology, the brainchild of a Ukrainian immigrant looking to revolutionize the way that people experience taxi transportation. The system took literally years and years to design and develop into an effective piece of hardware, but he is rolling out several solutions in select cities and will continue to press for more and more white integration across the country until all major United States cities are covered.

Imagine how cool and convenient it will be to be able to whip out your credit card, slide it through of the reader, select the beverage right on the integrated touchscreen, and have an ice cold beverage delivered to you inside of just a few seconds. This will aim to completely and entirely illuminate many of the stops, pauses, and otherwise expensive delays you might have to incur if you decide to grab a drink on the ride – while at the same time opening up a brand-new source of revenue for forward thinking cabdrivers and taxicab service owners alike.

While we are still a couple of years away from being able to enjoy this in all major cities, things are progressing rapidly to the point where it should only be a handful of years – or less – until we see tight integration across the United States and then eventually the world. This is a perfect blend of old technology with new, offering amazing conveniences for people who are looking to really get the most out of taking a cab.

Make sure that you try to pay close attention to any and all of the taxicab services lining up in your local area to jump on this technology as soon as it’s proven to be 100% viable – as the odds are fantastic you won’t want to take any other ride around town.

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