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How To See The Beauty Of US National Parks For Free

Delicate Arch Delicate Arch Photo by NPS via Wikimedia

Everyone has a list of places and sights that they would love to visit in the United States. What may come as a surprise to many is that a good number of those iconic attractions are situated inside one of the nearly 400 national parks that are dotted across the country. What may come as an even bigger surprise is that a fee has to be paid to enter the parks, although the money does go to helping maintain them and make them beautiful for generations to come.

The amount of money you have to pay for entry really isn’t that much, but the National Parks Service wants to ensure that everyone can get to enjoy the natural splendor of the parks, which is why they have National Park Week every April. In the days that National Park Week is in effect, you can visit as many parks as you please, without having to pay out a penny. This affords a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors and see all of the beauty that is sitting right in your backyard.

You will be able to get away from it all on a hiking or camping trip, or perhaps just take a trip to visit a national monument that has always been on your list of things to see. National Park Week basically allows you to make your trip as exciting or laid back as you wish, so take that time to finally go whitewater rafting or escape into the back country where you can get away from it all.

This year’s National Park Week runs from April 20-28, 2013.

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