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California Science Center California Science Center Photo by Sam Howzit via Flickr

Science has always been interesting to humans. It gives us the opportunity to dream and to wonder about the unknown in ways that few other things make possible. The California Science Center is a great way to look into the world and universe as we know it. It gives you the chance to learn about everything and to see it all. From a space shuttle to ecosystems to much more, life becomes much more interesting here. You can learn about the world, space, and what we have done as humans to change everything. It gives you the chance to see everything in a brand new way.

One of the big current exhibits would be the space shuttle Endeavour. This has already attracted a large amount of interest from people wanting to see it up close. It is an incredible piece that gives you the chance to see what science has done for our society. It is one of the reasons that we know more about space and this technology is why we can travel far above our Earth.

While that is a fun thing to see, you may not want to pay to see it. If you are vacationing on a budget, you can still visit the California Science Center. This is because it is free to enter if you are going to visit the permanent exhibits. These exhibits include ecosystems, space and travel, the changing world, and how we have affected everything, along with many others. These help you to see more of the world as a whole and they give you the chance to learn along the way. You will be able to see how animals survive, how we have survived everything that is thrown at us, and what is possible for the future. This will give you a much better understanding of what has happened and what is possible.

If you are planning a visit, you should also look into the education center. If you are with children, this is a great way to learn and more interesting and active ways. You can do this with the kids on their own or even as a family. There are several educational options available to help you learn in a way that is fun. When doing it with your kids, you may even learn something alongside them. This will help everyone to enjoy the vacation a little more and to take something away from it.

Any person hoping to visit can when desired. While you may need to call ahead in some situations, like if purchasing a ticket for the Endeavour exhibit, you should have no problem visiting. You should remember that not all exhibits are free, though many of the permanent ones are.


Hours: Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Address/Map:  700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: (323) 724-3623
Website: Plan your visit to California Science Center
Admission: FREE