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Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

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Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Photo by Tim Wang via Flickr

You can’t think of Hollywood celebrities without thinking of both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of over 2,000 stars honoring Hollywood’s biggest celebrities in the performing arts industry. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is not only known for its red carpet premieres but also the hand and/or footprints of movie stars preserved in cement. No one should go to LA without visiting these historical sites.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was created in order to honor the best of those in the motion picture, television, recording and radio industry. Later, a live theatre category was added. Getting the Hollywood Walk of Fame started was a two year process. Stanley Kramer had the honor of having his name on the first star laid. The second star wasn’t laid until eight years later. This star belonged to Richard Zanuck. Once a clear process for nomination, selection and financing of the stars and their maintenance was made, the process became smoother. Today, an average of two stars are added each month to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Though there aren’t as many foot or hand prints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre as there are stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the grandeur of the architecture and décor of the Theatre still makes it a must see in Hollywood. The theatre stands 90 feet tall with a roof made of bronze. A forecourt for celebrities to wait in boasts 40 foot walls and turrets topped with copper. The building is decorated with temple bells and pagodas imported from China in the 1920s including the famous Heaven dogs that guard the entrance.

Hollywood Walk of FameEver since the grand opening in 1927, the Chinese theatre has been the home to all the most prestigious premieres. Also since that time, all the biggest names in the motion picture industry have walked the red carpet of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, drawing in thousands of their fans. Today, many fans like to come and see how well their hands or feet measure up to their favorite movie star.

Both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre are must see attractions when visiting LA. There is no better way to feel a little bit Hollywood than walking where all the Hollywood greats have walked!


Address/Map:    6925 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 465-4847
Website: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Tickets and Showtimes