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Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Studios Hollywood Photo by SPBer on Wikimedia

The best family-oriented entertainment in the United States usually involves two different things. The first covers a wide variety of family-friendly fare like movies, sporting events and even guided tours. The other option, however, is theme parks. Theme parks essentially encompass family-friendly fare, which often includes the aforementioned entertainment. Families of all ages head to theme parks for entertainment, not to mention a much needed vacation.

Theme parks are located all throughout the United States, though the most well-known are situated right in Florida. The Sunshine State, however, isn't the only place that hosts the best theme parks in the country. Los Angeles, California also hosts a few theme parks of its own. It's not considered the most family-friendly city, but it offers family-friendly fare rivaling the best of what Florida has to offer.

Universal Studios Hollywood is that kind of family-friendly fare. It's a duo-facility containing both a movie studio and theme park; both facilities themselves reside in the self-proclaimed Universal City of Los Angeles County. The oldest and perhaps most illustrious Hollywood movie studios make their home there too—and they're still operating to this day. It's the 'coolest place in LA,' since many people and their families head in and out of its diverse facilities each year.

Velociraptor at Universal StudioUniversal City's Universal Studios Hollywood also stands as one of the first Universal Studios theme parks in the world. Around the park itself, visitors can treat themselves to a variety of hotels and other entertainment facilities. The hotels around the area, in fact, include the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Universal Hilton and Towers, Gibson Amphitheatre and the Globe Theatre.

The environment of the theme park-studio combo is actually divided into two diverse areas, both connected with a series of escalators affectionately known as the Starway. These areas are known as the Upper Lot and the Lower Lot.

Within the Upper Lot, visitors can expect to find a variety of family-friendly shows and attractions. Many famous rides like The Simpsons Ride and The Adventures of Curious George attract crowds of families every operating day. There's even a year-round haunted house called Universal's House of Horrors. If you're a visitor, you may stumble upon the Upper Lot first, as the entrance to the theme park resides there.

Though the smallest of the two lots, the Lower Lot offers visitors a number of attractions rivaling its Upper counterpart. Visitors can experience Jurassic Park: The Ride here, not to mention a variety of other rides immortalizing many entertainment properties like The Mummy and the recently added Transformers.


Address/Map:    100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608
Phone: (800) 864-8377
Website: Universal Studios Hollywood
General Admission (1-Day Pass): $80 and $72 for under 48"
2-Day pass: $89 and $81 for under 48"