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Watts Towers - Los Angeles

Watts Towers Watts Towers Photo by Doug Kerr via Flickr

The Watts Towers, which is also called as the Tower of Simon Rodia, can be found in the district of Watts in Los Angeles, California. It was built with 17 unmatched and interconnected assemblies. The two towers have a height of 99 feet or 30 m. This was planned and made by Sabato Rodia, an Italian settler who works as construction worker. Rodia, who is also known as Simon or Sam, has built the tower from 1921 up to 1954. It takes time for him to do this tower because he only does this during his spare time.  Rodia’s work is another example of nontraditional American simple art and vernacular architecture.

Watts Towers of Los Angeles can be found at Metro Rail LACMTA Blue Line. In 1990, this was promoted to a lot of people as one that will be a National Historic Landmark. It has a unique and unmatched folk of art masterpiece. This is why a lot of people are amazed and impressed on its appearance and structure.

This landmark is composed of steel tower that is adorned or ornamented with thousand of shells, bed frames, scrap metals, ceramic tiles, and bottles. Due to its impressive structure, many people are always go here to see the outcome of Simon Rodia’s artistic capability and creativity. It is amazing on how he did this tower, from the attention to details to the materials used.