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Zuma Beach Zuma Beach Photo by Dave Parker via Wikimedia Commons

Close your eyes and think of Malibu. I am pretty sure that one of the first things you imagine is beautiful beaches surrounded by homes owned by some of the most famous people in the world, and for the most part you would be right. However, very few people realize that all of the beaches in Malibu are open to the public, and thus you can catch some rays in exactly the same places as your favorite celebs.

One of the most popular beaches in Malibu is Zuma Beach, regularly voted as one of the cleanest beaches in all of Los Angeles County. Despite having slightly colder waters that some of its counterparts down the road, this should certainly be high upon your list of ‘must visit’ beaches.

When you head to Zuma Beach you will be surprised at how well this area caters to tourists. There is ample parking where you are able to spend the day and a plethora of lovely little places to grab a bit to eat. Of course, the beach is huge too which means you will have a ton of space where you can lay down your towel and catch some of those sweet LA Rays.

It isn’t all about the swimming and sunbathing here however. Tourists that visit Zuma Beach can look forward to water sports such as Surfing, Boogie-Boarding and Body Surfing as well as plenty of Beach Volleyball Courts and areas to fish. In the winter you will even be able to go whale-watching! As the evening sets in you can retreat from the beach a bit and walk your lover across the stunning boardwalk. When you are at Zuma Beach you will never be closer to paradise.

Location/Map: Zuma Beach - Malibu, CA