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The Brooklyn Bridge: A Timeless American Treasure

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Brooklyn Bridge New York, NY 10038 Brooklyn Bridge New York, NY 10038 Photo by Suiseiseki CC

The “Big Apple”, also known as New York City, is among the most popular cities in the USA. It is home to various engineering treasures of the modern era that gives the city its identity. One of the most famed engineering treasures of the city is the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is among the oldest, largest and well known landmarks in New York City. It is among the first suspension designed bridges in the US. It has a length of 1800 m or 5989 ft. The bridge is a connection between the city of New York (specifically Brooklyn) and Manhattan. It is composed of six-lane traffic that includes a sidewalk and a bicycle lane wherein people can gaze upon the beauty of both cities. Aside from the suspension design, the bridge has two gothic themed concrete stone or masonry towers that are 84m high to give the bridge its beauty and a distinct look. It also served as additional support for the bridge and a post wherein most of the cables were connected.

The famed Brooklyn Bridge was built during 1869 and was completed on 1883. The construction behind the said bridge is John Roebling, an immigrant from Germany who was a former public works builder for the Prussian government. Sadly, he never got to see the completion of his project due to his untimely death because of an infection caused by an accident during the bridge’s construction. Roebling was one of the 20 men who have perished during the construction of the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge and NYCThe project was then taken over by Washington Roebling, the son of John Roebling. Unfortunately, he never got to see the completion of the bridge because he also suffered the same fate of his father. The bridge was completed on the 24th of May 1883 and on that very day, it was opened to the public.

The bridge was designed to be durable enough to last a lifetime and stand safely even in the event that the supporting cables snap. It uses a giant strand of cable measured to have a diameter of 28 centimeters and made out of hundreds of small cables weaved into one strong cable.

Aside from having the greatness that the bridge has to offer, it is also a short drive from some of the best hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations in the city of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Its accessibility to some of these establishments made the bridge a landmark for travelers and visitors alike wherein they can use it as a base point to look for a specific place.

The creation of the Brooklyn Bridge made a big contribution to both the cities connected by it and the country as well. An infrastructure that can withstand the wear and tear of that nature can throw at it and continued to stand to bring joy as well as honor to the great place of New York, the Brooklyn Bridge proved to be one of the timeless treasures of the United States.


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