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Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum Photo: Eva Blue

Hosting one of the most exciting and varied collections in the world, no self-respecting art lover can skip a trip to the Brooklyn Museum any time there in the city. The second largest public art collection in New York City, with somewhere around 1.5 million unique works, there is certainly something for everyone in this incredible building.

A New York City icon almost from the day it was established, the Brooklyn Museum has long been one of the city’s favorite spots for tourists and locals alike since it opened in 1895. With major collections spanning a number of different mediums and genres with unique items from almost all cultures around the globe spanning an incredible range of time periods, you would be hard-pressed to see all that the Brooklyn Museum has to offer on a single trip. Promoting the rich and artistic heritage of all global cultures, the Brooklyn Museum is especially well-known for its major and completely unique collections of ancient Egyptian and African art.

While the 1.5 million or so unique pieces of art are more than enough to capture the attention of just about anyone, there are five specific pieces that most everyone flocks to the Brooklyn Museum to see. The first has to be the Judy Chicago installation titled “The Dinner Party”, a world-renowned piece of feminist art. Containing place settings for 39 of the most influential women in the world as well is a collection of 999 names of other world-famous women from history carved into the table, is truly a sight to behold. The four works that are showstoppers in their own right would be the” Monument to the Burghers of Calais”, a sculpture crafted by Auguste Rodin; “Mt. Rosalie”, a painting by Albert Bierstadt; the Rockefeller room; and “Ram’s Head White Hollyhock-Hills” by Georgia O’Keeffe. Stunning works of art all, these are must see every time you take a trip to the Brooklyn Museum.

Easily one of the highlights of any trip to New York is an almost unforgivable sin to skip out on the deep and rich culture that the Brooklyn Museum exudes from every single room. Well worth the price of admission, a single trip could change your life.


Hours: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 11 am to 6 pm; Closed Mon and Tue
Address/Map:  200 Eastern Pkwy, New York, NY 11238
Phone: (718) 638-5000
Website: Plan your visit to Brooklyn Museum
Adults: $12 | Students, Seniors: $8 | Free for children under 12