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350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118 350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118 Photo via sunipix.com

The empire state building is one of the world’s most popular attractions, and was regarded as the eighth wonder of the world in the early 1930’s. It was also regarded as the world’s tallest building for over 40 years until the twin towers were built and took the title. In the earl days like now it was one of the nation’s most profitable buildings, until the stock market crashed in the late 1920’s. It hurt the real estate district and was almost vacated for a period of about 10 years and got the nickname the “empty state building”. The economy or the Empire State Building wouldn’t recover until sometime around the 1940’s.

There are wonderful places in New York that are great for some of the best views of the city, but if you want the best, you should visit the observation deck on the 86th floor of the empire state building. It has the best view of the city any way you look, with no view obstructions. The Empire state building is the 22nd largest skyscraper in the world, and is the fourth tallest in America. It was also named as a national historic landmark in 1986, and is thought of as an American cultural icon.

Construction of the building itself was started on March the 17th of 1930 and was built in less than a year and half. It took exactly 15 months to complete the construction. The Empire State Building was officially opened on May 1, 1931. However as popular as the building is it has seen some rough days, including the 1945 plane crash that involved a B-25 bomber plane.

The Empire State Building is showed and starred in many movies, one of which it’s most famous for is the 1933 movie King Kong. The building stood completely dark for 15 minutes in 2004 in honor of the the death of Fay Wray (King Kong). There are several other times during the year that the Empire State building lights up different colors in honor of other things, such as it being illuminated in red, white, and blue in remembrance of the falling of the world trade centers. There are many other events in which the building is illuminated in certain colors and can be found on the official website of the building.




8AM to 2AM
Open every day, 365 days a year rain or shine
Last elevator up at 1:15AM
Address/Map: 350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118
Phone: (212) 736-3100
Website: Empire State Building
Empire State Building Observation Deck Tickets
Senior (62+) Child (6-12)
Main Deck Only
$25 $22 $19
Main Deck + Top Deck
$42 $39 $36
Main Deck Express $47 - All visitors
Main Deck + Top Deck Express  
$64.50 - All visitors