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Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal is a Great Stop on Your Trip to New York City

If you’re visiting New York City for the first time or the fiftieth, it’s always worth stopping by the Grand Central Terminal. It marvels visitors and city livers every day with grand architecture and design.

It was built to serve as a monumental railway station and construction was completed in 1913. It currently serves as a major transportation hub, connecting car, train, subway, and pedestrian traffic. With 67 train tracks spread across two levels it is a favorite of rail enthusiasts, and children will gaze in wonderment.

Why Is It Worth Stopping At Grand Central Terminal?

First, you can wander the terminal for free. Second, if you are going to be using the subway to get around the city it will be incredibly easy for you to get to the terminal. Third, it is a piece of American history representing an era of building design of by-gone days. Experiencing the terminal is to experience a true piece of American history.

Besides Gawking at Everything, What is there to Do at the Station?

Visit on a Wednesday or Friday and take a guided tour. A historian will lead a small group through the museum, talking about its development, renovation, architectural design and style, and many other interesting things.

Grand Central StationYou can also grab lunch at some famous restaurants, including Michael Jordan’s Steak House (which has consistently received rave reviews from locals and visitors alike). There are plenty of other places to grab lunch or a coffee, ranging from the big chains (McDonalds and Starbucks) to smaller, personalized cafes.

There is shopping galore, just like at the Union Station in Washington, DC. You can find some gourmet chocolate and other specialty items. It is recommended that you avoid the pricy souvenirs, and unless you’re in a bind, you should only stick to the most unique of shops in the station.

People Watching

One of the coolest things you can do at Grand Central Terminal is “people watching.” Thousands of people are bustling through the station each and every hour. With New York City’s plethora of unique personalities you’re sure to be entertained by this. Just don’t gawk too much – you never know who might be watching you watch them!

There are also plenty of celebrity sightings, although this isn’t guaranteed. Keep your eyes open and you might see a few famous New York residents.

A Great, Free Stop

Grand Central TerminalWhether you’re using the subway system or not, it makes a lot of sense to stop in at the Grand Central Terminal. There are plenty of things to see and do, and if you’re heading by on Wednesday or Friday, you can take advantage of the free guided tours.

It’s particularly perfect for anyone planning a family trip on a budget, but if that’s your case, make sure you pack a lunch and bring along something to drink.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and snap pictures both inside and out. The station really is one of a kind and should be experienced by everyone – whether they got to come along for your trip or not.


Hours: Opens daily: 5:30 AM - 2:00 AM
Address/Map:    42nd street & Park Avenue
Phone: (212) 340-2583
Website: Grand Central Terminal