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American Museum of Natural History

79 Central Park West, NY, NY 10023 79 Central Park West, NY, NY 10023 Photo by rotellini luciano

Located at 79th and Central Park West, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the most popular family destinations in the big apple. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, fun, educational day for your children there are few places that can match the Museum.

Things to Do

The American Museum of Natural History is, essentially, a huge complex of exhibits, buildings, and exhibition halls. While the museum has regular, permanent exhibits, you can also catch limited offerings. If you are planning a trip you may want to check out their website and see what exhibits are coming up. This will give you an opportunity to catch something that might really interest your family.

Exhibits cover topics of all sorts, from pre-history to the future of space exploration. Impressive exhibits exist throughout the museum, allowing you to gaze in wonderment at a herd of African Elephants or the size of a T-Rex skeleton.

Dinosaur at American Museum of Natural HistoryThere is a huge dinosaur display, and everyone knows just how much kids like dinosaurs! Don’t forget to stop in at the Butterfly Conservatory for a particularly relaxing experience. The Hall of the Universe is also an unforgettable and amazing experience that could only be delivered by one of America’s best natural history museums.

The Crowds Aren’t That Bad…

While the museum is always full you can easily navigate the exhibits. The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5:45. If you get there a bit before opening you can beat the crowds and see a few things without feeling crowded.

The floor plan of the American History Museum will allow you to move through all of the exhibits. It was designed to guide and funnel visitors through the exhibits in one direction. Even when it’s packed to the brim you can move through all of the exhibits without feeling like the museum is overly crowded.


You can learn more about the exhibits at the museum by visiting their website. There are great tools that will help you plan your visit and allow you to focus on the exhibits that you like the most. You could also just show up and wander around without being disappointed.

American Museum of Natural HistoryThere is an interactive floor plan, as well as the ability to pre pay for your admission.

There is an impressive cafeteria, and several gift shops providing great souvenirs for you and your family members.

The website also includes directions for those traveling by foot, bus, subway, or car.

Is It Really That Great?

There is little as impressive as the marvels of natural history, especially for children. With spectacular exhibits and volunteers to help engage and educate your kids, you can bet that an afternoon spent at the Museum of Natural History will be worth far more than the admission. You can’t place a price on precious memories, and that’s exactly what you’ll create when you visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.


Mon-Sun 10am–5:45pm
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas
Address/Map: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024
Phone: (212) 769-5100
Website: American Museum of Natural History


Admissions & Ticketing
  Adults   Child 2-12 yrs Seniors/Students
SuperSaver Admission
$33 $20.50 $25.50
General Plus One