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Visiting Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden Madison Square Garden Photo by ty law via Flickr

Any trip to New York City is an exciting one – especially your first one. There are a lot of sights you are going want to see during that trip, and one of them is Madison Square Garden. As a matter of fact, that entire area, which used to be primarily residential decades ago, offers many exciting opportunities... especially in terms of the many exciting buildings that you can see near there. Some of those buildings are the Flatiron, Metlife Tower, One Madison Park, and the NY Life Insurance Company Building. Of course, there is also Madison Square Garden itself, sometimes referred to by the locals simply as “the Garden.”

Located at Penn Station, Madison Square Garden is widely recognized as the most famous entertainment arena anywhere in the world. Interestingly, it was one of the first structures ever built over an active railway station. As such, it is understandably considered something of an engineering miracle. The arena is home to around three hundred fifty events every single year, which is roughly one per day. Therefore, it is almost certain that there will be something to see at the Garden during your trip to New York City, whether it is a sporting event, a concert, or some other type of entertainment extravaganza.

Speaking of sports, if you attend a sporting event at the Garden, then there is a reasonably good chance that the event you attend will either be a New York Rangers hockey game or a New York Knicks basketball game. Both of those teams are actually owned by the same people who own the building itself. The Garden has also hosted a number of NBA and NHL all star games over the years. Another sport the Garden is known for is wrestling, as it is the home base of the WWE, which is the most widely recognized organization in that sport.

The GardenThere are also a lot of other attractions close to the Garden. One of those attractions is the Empire State Building. Needless to say, that attraction is on virtually everyone's list of must-sees during a visit to Manhattan... especially a first one. Another close attraction is Times Square, which is worth visiting even if it isn't New Year's Eve. The New York Public Library is close as well, and it is very beautiful. As you can see, you're going to be close to Madison Square Garden, so make sure to see it.


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