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Times Square Times Square Photo by Terabass via Wikimedia Commons

Each and every New Year’s Eve, hundreds of thousands of people converge on Time’s Square in New York and bring in the coming year with one of the biggest street parties on the planet. Millions more people are glued to their TV’s to watch the proceedings, and as magical as the setting looks in glorious HD, it’s much better in real life when you are down at street level. The five blocks that make up Time’s Square are always bustling with vibrancy and color, but perhaps never more so than when the sun goes down and the neon lights and big screen displays come to life. It’s a Technicolor dreamscape that is a feast for all the senses, but there is much more to see and do in that part of New York than just being blinded by the light.

If you have ever dreamed of being on television, then Time’s Square might be your best shot at getting your 15 minutes of TV fame. The MTV headquarters are located there, and Good Morning America airs from Time’s Square, where it’s not uncommon for the onscreen celebrities to hit the streets and talk to the people that have come by to see the show going to air. Summer is a great time to visit if GMA is on your to do list, as the show has a summer series where a number of great musical acts perform live out on the street.

If you are looking for ways to get away from the bustle of the crowded streets, there are a couple of great ways to do so. The five block area is jam packed with over 100 famous retailers, including Disney, where you can give your credit card a little workout with a shopping spree. Chances are you will be a little worn out after hitting the shops, and what better way to relax than with a great meal and a cocktail? Time’s Square is home to some of the best restaurants that you could ever hope to find. It doesn’t matter what you feel like eating, because chances are there will be a restaurant there serving up exactly what you crave. You can have everything from fine dining, to Asian fusion, or just a single slice of some magnificent New York style pizza. It’s impossible to walk away from Time’s Square without a full belly.

Times SquareWhile only comprising a very small part of New York City, Time’s Square has a great history that is well worth learning about. A visit to the Paramount Building, the former home of the Paramount Theater, where you can still here the echoes of the old-time crooners, even though the theater is long gone. For more info on the area, be sure to visit the old Embassy theater, which is now home to the Time’s Square visitor center. This is the place to go to get a full list of things to do while you visit, which are more plentiful than we can list here.

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