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Seattle Waterfront: Everything in One Great Place

Seattle Waterfront Seattle Waterfront Photo: Michael Matti via Flickr

The Seattle Waterfront is a vibrant part of the city that has everything visitors love about Seattle in one great place. It’s right near downtown and is close enough to walk, bike, or drive to your favorite attractions that aren’t directly in the Waterfront, like Pike’s Place Market.

Pioneer Square is at the south end of the Waterfront District and it’s a great place to go to explore the old part of Seattle, the original downtown. The brick and stone buildings have a distinct charm of older construction and you can plant yourself on a comfortable bench to watch Seattle pass in front of you or you can duck into one of the many art galleries, bars, or bookstores that hold every street corner.

The Olympic Sculpture Park is also in the Seattle Waterfront and offers an artistic statement place to explore. It was developed and built by the Seattle Art Museum and covers nine acres of space. Admission for the park is free to encourage free expression and experience of the art sculptures and, like most places in the Waterfront District, you can see beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound.

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Waterfront                                                                                       Photo: mac/flickr


One of the biggest highlights in the long list of attractions throughout the Seattle Waterfront is the Seattle Aquarium. It’s open daily on Pier 59 at the edge of Puget Sound’s Elliott Bay and is easy to access. Inside there are two large touch tide pool tanks, perfect for any families visiting the aquarium who want to experience hands on learning or even just any adventurous adults. It’s noteworthy how the museum incorporates the natural beauty and wildlife outside in an interactive, educational setting indoors.

When you visit the Seattle Waterfront District you’re sure to find something to fit any budget, hobbies, or interests!

Location: Seattle Waterfront, Seattle, WA 98101