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Ellis Island Ellis Island Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras from Wikimedia

If you’re planning a vacation to New York you should include making a trip to see historical Ellis Island on your sightseeing list. Ellis Island is a historical landmark and attraction in New York worth visiting. This little island holds so much historical information about early American history that anyone would enjoy to see its wonders and to explore the American immigration history that it holds.

Ellis Island is located just off the southern tip of Manhattan. You can take a round trip ferry ride for $13.00 from Battery Park to Ellis Island where you can enjoy the historical museums on American immigration for free. From Ellis Island you can see breath taking views of the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of American freedom. Once you arrive at Ellis Island, you will be surrounded with the stories of American immigrants as far back as 1892. Over half of all Americans have at least on ancestor that passed through Ellis Island on their journey to America. At the Main Building and Immigration Museum you can browse through family heirlooms that the many immigrants from Europe brought with them on their journey to America.

While at Ellis Island, you may be interested to know that you can do some family research on your own family. At the American Family Immigration History Center feel free to research your own family’s story and find your relatives that passed through Ellis Island to America in their search for freedom and a better life. If you are having any trouble locating your families record you can ask for help from one of the several friendly volunteers that you will see at the Immigration History Center.

Immigrant Children at Ellis IslandAt Ellis Island you can enjoy a self- guided tour of the immigration museum or you can purchase an audio tour for $8.00. The museum at Ellis Island holds historical artifacts and photographs of several of the immigrants that passed through Ellis Island to American between 1892 and 1954. While at Ellis Island you can also enjoy the American Immigrant Wall of Honor exhibit which contains the names of 60,000 immigrants that passed through Ellis Island on their way to America. You can also view logs of the hundreds of ships that arrived at Ellis Island carrying many of our ancestors over to their new home in America.

Ellis Island is a must see historical land mark on your trip to New York. The history of almost every American is housed here on this tiny New York Island. Come explore your families beginning here in America as they passed the treacherous waters of the Atlantic in search of freedom and opportunity.


  Child Under 4 Child 4-12 yrs Adults 13+ Senior 62+
Ferry Fee Free $9.00 $17.00 $14.00
  Ferry and Tour Fees (Audio and Ranger tours included)
Ellis Island Closed due to Hurricane Sandy
Open daily: 9:30am - 5pm (extended hours in the summer).
Ferries run every 40 minutes, but more ferries in the summer
Address/Map:    Ellis Island, New York
Phone: (212) 363-3206
Website: Ellis Island - NYC