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Little Italy Little Italy Photo by Jazz Guy via Flickr

New York City is one of the top cities in the world. In this city, you will find a lot of places where you can spend your vacation. One of the most visited locations in this particular city is the Little Italy. In this location, you can have a great experience about the so-called The Old Country. This is actually a neighborhood of Italians based in lower Manhattan, New York City. Before, you would only see a lot of Italian residents in this location. But today, you can enjoy your stay because of the Italian restaurants and stores located in the area.

There are lots of reasons why you should visit Little Italy. Fans of architecture will enjoy the place because of the great buildings in the area. Another reason why you should visit this location is to experience the San Gennaro Festival. In the middle of September, a very religious feast will be held in this location. There will be a procession of the patron saint of the Naples and there will be a lot of Italian style entertainment on the street that you will surely enjoy.

If you are bounded to New York City and you want to be entertained, you should visit Manhattan, New York City and look for the Little Italy. You can enjoy a lot of attractions in this particular location whatever time of the year. You will not be bored in this location as there are lots of places and locations to visit and to enjoy.

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