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Washington Square - NYC

Wash. Sq. Wash. Sq. Photo by Jean-Christophe BENOIST via Wikimedia

People tend to think of New York City as a concrete jungle where skyscrapers kiss the clouds, but it’s also a city with plenty of beautiful green space. The park encompasses more than 9 acres and is home to plenty of play areas for the kids, as well as a pair of dog runs where you can let your 4-legged kid stretch out his legs.

The space where the park resides has had a number of different uses down the years, including being a former burial ground. It was eventually taken over by the city in 1826, but it was almost 50 more years before it came under the control of the New York Department of Parks, who started creating the space that residents and visitors love today.

One of the major draws of the park is the Washington Square Arch, which also had something of an inauspicious beginning. The original structure was a temporary piece made of wood and plaster, but its popularity meant that a permanent marble arch was commissioned and designed by Stanford White in 1892. Mr. White used the Arc de Triomphe in Paris as the inspiration for the finished piece.

The surrounding area is home to a number of musicians and artists, many of whom congregate in the park on the weekends and perform by the fountain, which is another popular spot with tourists. As you might expect, the city also hosts a number of art-inspired events at the park, so be sure to check the Washington Square Park calendar before you travel, as you may want to match up your trip with a particular event in the park.


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